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Speaker Profile: Jeremy Solomons
Location of Speaker: Austin, Tx
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  • Consultant - Project
  • Trainer
  • Workshop Leader
  • Facilitator-Retreat
  • Panel
  • Keynote
  • Career/Life Planning
  • Multicultural Teams
  • Cultural Competence
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Holistic Communication
  • Internal Marketing
  • Leadership
Speech Titles

  • A Whole New Way of Working - Surviving and Thriving in the Global Recession and Beyond
  • Managing your Manager
  • Creative Conflict Resolution
  • The Power of Stories - Building Bridges through Narrative
  • Cross Cultural Crossed Wires
  • Cultural Synergy - Partnering Effectively across Cultures
  • Global Leadership
  • Global Negotiations
  • Internal Marketing
  • Multicultural Presentations

Jeremy Solomons:

Topics Offered -

- Career/Life Planning
- Conflict Resolution
- Creativity and Innovation
- Cultural Competence
- Global Citizenship
- Holistic Communication
- Internal Marketing
- Leader Development
- Post-Merger Integration and Synergy
- Remote and Virtual Teaming
- Strategic Planning


Most Popular Offerings:

(customized for any client and for any format from a one-hour keynote to a one-day workshop to a three-day retreat)

A Whole New Way of Working - Surviving and Thriving in the Global Recession and Beyond
Much has been written about the War for Talent but as the global economy struggles through a wrenching recession, no one’s future – from the boardroom the mailroom - now seems secure. The only thing that seems certain is that we must all actively explore new and different ways of being relevant and useful to our bosses, our clients, our colleagues (and ourselves) so that we can lead, partner and communicate more effectively with others as the recession recedes. This session will help individuals to understand the new challenges that they are facing; explore what they have to offer now and what might be missing; and create a personal plan and develop new skills to prepare for the new reality.

Managing your Manager - Helping Your Supervisor Help You to Be Happy & Productive at Work
People don’t leave their jobs, they leave their bosses. This is particularly true in the current job market where money is only one of many motivators and rewards for working in an organization, and where well-meaning employees can end up getting exploited or extremely frustrated by manipulative or disorganized superiors. This session will help participants identify and practice ways to help their bosses help them to be satisfied and productive at work for the benefit of their organizations, their teams and above all, themselves.

Creative Conflict Resolution - Dealing with Difficult People and Situations
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all of our daily human interactions were pleasant and productive? Unfortunately, this is not usually the case and we are often confronted with “difficult” people and situations in our work (and lives beyond). This session will focus on how to understand where (we and) others are literally coming from and what our key motivators are so that we can then build the skills necessary for harmonious working relationships in future.

The Power of Stories - Building Bridges through Narrative
The one thing that unites all people of all languages in all cultures is the power of storytelling. Unlike presenting, lecturing or preaching, telling one’s own story is a simple but effective way of both sharing and being heard in an open, non-threatening and engaging way. This session will help participants to appreciate the magic of stories by crafting and telling their own tales and really listening and responding to others’.

Cross Cultural Crossed Wires - Communicating Effectively across Cultures
When working with people from other cultures, many worry about insulting them or looking like complete idiots themselves. This session will teach how to avoid both offense and embarrassment by understanding why people communicate the way they do and by learning how to be more effective in writing, on the phone and in person.

Cultural Synergy - Partnering Effectively across Cultures
Multi-functional, multicultural, multigenerational projects and teams are becoming more and more common in today’s increasingly dispersed, fast-changing world of work. Unfortunately, many such teams and projects under-perform at best and fail miserably at worst. This session will highlight mistakes to avoid and lay out a straightforward, six-step process for ensuring that such teams and projects are successful in future.

Global Leadership – How Organizations and Individuals Can Lead Change rather than Just Manage it

“Global Leadership” and “Change Management” have become buzzwords in business circles but what do they really mean on an organizational and individual level? What are the best practices of truly global organizations and what will they look like down the road? What challenges will individual leaders face in the future and what skills will they require to overcome them? This session will help current and future leaders to learn how to “lead” and create positive and sustainable change at all levels – society, organization, business, team and personal – and not just “manage” it.

Global Negotiations – Making Deals Effectively across Cultures
Many negotiations skills classes focus on national stereotypes and pay little attention to the core aspects of human nature, group dynamics and individual difference that make or break successful deal-making. This session will focus on the key practical skills that can ensure success in future and it will include two to three detailed, group simulations, based on relevant, real-life situations.

Internal Marketing – Leading in All Directions through Effective Influencing and Presentation Skills
Leaders of the future will need to be able to lead and get their message across in all directions – not just down, but sideways and upwards as well. This kind of “internal marketing” can present tremendous challenges, whether communicating one-on-one with a busy decision maker or trying to convince a skeptical design team. This session will help participants understand the challenges that they face in getting their message across to their colleagues and how to overcome them through a mixture of effective influencing methods and winning presentation skills, which they will practice in role plays and showcases, with immediate, oral and written feedback.

Multicultural Presentations – Connecting with Audiences around the World
As the world flattens, there is no such thing as a monocultural audience any more. Whether you are in Seattle or Shanghai and whether you are presenting live or by WebEx, you need to assume that you have a diverse group of individuals who will respond to exactly the same message in vastly different ways. This session will give participants the chance to learn and, more importantly, practice how to connect with everyone, everywhere. Each participant will prepare and deliver two to three individual showcases, with immediate, oral and written feedback.

Cultural Competence - Embracing Diversity and Creating Inclusion
“Diversity” has become something of a dirty word in the USA and Europe due to tokenism, quotas and some dubious training practices. This session will help both leaders and staff to understand what Diversity, Inclusion and Culture are all about and why they are so important for their organization, their team and themselves. They will then learn why and how different people work and communicate in different ways and begin practicing how to relate to them more effectively in future.

Cinema Culture - Bridging the Racial Divide
As the recent controversies around Hurricane Katrina, the Jena Six and Reverend Wright show, this country still suffers from a racial divide. This media- and dialogue-based session- based on watching and discussing short clips from the Oscar-winning, commercial movie, “Crash” - will help participants: view this racial divide in a different way; discuss it in more depth than usual; and learn new tools to help bridge and heal this divide.

Global Jeopardy – Testing your Diversity Knowledge
How much do you know about global diversity and inclusion issues, such as the second principle of Kwanzaa or the most popular sport in China? This fun and informative session is ideal for a large gathering of eager learners.

Jeremy Solomons helps individual leaders and their organizations to bring about constructive and sustainable change on a global level.

Since moving permanently to the USA in 1992, he has worked with the current and future leaders of many diverse and globalizing organizations across North America, Europe and Asia.

In the past, Jeremy managed a diverse staff and worked with clients and colleagues from all over the globe, while employed as a full-time Banker, Educator and Journalist in six multinational institutions: Citibank, JP Morgan, Lloyds Bank International, Reuters News Agency, United Press International and the World Bank.

He has lived, studied and worked for extended periods in eight countries: France, Germany, Hong Kong (and China), Israel, Italy, Switzerland, the UK and the USA. He has also traveled and done business in some 40 countries around the Asia-Pacific, Europe and North America.

Born in Manchester, England - home of the Industrial Revolution and Manchester United - Jeremy holds MA and BA Honors degrees in French from the University of Oxford (Brasenose College). As well as speaking mother-tongue English, he has been fluent in French, German, Italian and US American, and proficient in Spanish and Texan. He has also studied Cantonese, Hebrew, Russian and Swiss German.

He is currently writing a book: The Truly Global Organization of the Future. He has just co-written a web-based training module on Global Diversity and Inclusion; he contributed to a 2003 book: Global Leadership: The Next Generation; and co-wrote a chapter in a 2000 book: Coaching for Leadership. The 2000 and 2003 books were both based on a year-long study - Global Leadership: The Next Generation - that he co-researched and -wrote for Accenture.

Jeremy is adjunct faculty at the University of Texas’ Professional Development Center in Austin, TX; the Intercultural Management Institute at American University in Washington, DC; and the Centre for Intercultural Communication at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC.

He lives in Barton Hills near downtown Austin with his US wife, Lily; UK-US daughter, Emma; and a bevy of New Mexican and Texan cats and dogs.

When he is not working or spending time with his family, Jeremy volunteers with the Austin Police Dept., Leadership Austin and the Pebble Project for Child Abuse Prevention and he likes to walk, cycle, swim and play football (soccer) and tennis.

He is now a naturalized US American citizen but he realizes he can never become a Texan.