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Speaker Profile: Joseph Sarkis, PhD, CPIM
Location of Speaker: Boston, MA
Fees: $6,500 - $12,500

  • After Dinner
  • Keynote
  • Seminar Leader
  • Workshop Leader
  • Consultant - Process
  • Consultant - Project
  • Green Supply Chain Management
  • Reverse Logistics
  • Ecological Modernization
  • Business and Environment in China
  • Making the Strategic Business Case
  • Environment
Speech Titles

  • Greening the Supply Chain
  • Making the Business Case for Sustainability
  • Reverse Logistics and Sustainability
  • Expanding the Circumference of the Circular Economy
  • Win-Win’s: Balancing Ecological and Economic Performance
  • Environment and Business
  • Sustainability and Business

Joseph Sarkis, PhD, CPIM - Professor of Operations and Environmental Management - Graduate School of Management:

Interactive Speaker - Joseph Sarkis, PhD, CPIM -

Range of topics including operations management, logistics, supply chain management, corporate environmental management, management of technology, international management, information systems and technology, entrepreneurship.

Complete Vita of Industry, Academic, Leadership, Memberships, and Publications Available – 33 Pages

Author of: Greening the Supply Chain:

The Book - topics on conceptual development and principles of green supply chain management;

• Empirical studies which provide the reader with practices and concerns of industries throughout the world including Asia, Europe and North America;

• Quantitative and analytical tools to aid in environmental supply chain design and development, and;

• Case studies of implementations of green supply chain practices which describe the complexities facing organizations, supply chains and industries and how they address these environmental concerns through technical and managerial measures.

Industry practitioners and policy makers will read Greening the Supply Chain for the insights it provides into a topic of such emergent and growing concern. An international view of environment supply chain management theory and practice a valuable resource.

Additional Relevant Book Title:

Strategic Sustainability: among his over 150 publications authored or co-authored.

Recent Publications:

“Any pollution is waste, and waste costs money.”

- Microsoft's Supply Chain Business Publication

“Participation in a Green Supply Chain allows companies to be more efficient and gain competitive advantage, while enabling them to provide their customers with the opportunity to fulfill the end-users’ requirements for environmentally sound products”

– January 2008 – The Electrical Distributor

“Mobile phones, computer chips, and other new economy products may be symbols of our 21st-century networked society, but the manufacture of these products still requires digging up the earth’s surface as the “old economy” products did.”

– Cutter IT Journal – February 2008

Titles of some related Publications:

“How Green is my Supply Chain? Theory and Practice”

“Real Options Analysis for “Green Trading”: The Case of Greenhouse Gases”

“Green supply chain management in China: Drivers, practices and performance”

“E-Logistics and the Natural Environment”

“Am I a Purchaser or a Salesman?:
Operations in a Resource Recovery Facility,”

Greener Manufacturing and Operations: From Design to Delivery and Back

Greening the Supply Chain

Recent Global Speaking Engagements -

“Greening the Supply Chain – Practice and Theory”,

Politechnico de Milano, Speaker before group of Ph.D. students, Practitioners and Industry Professional Audience, July 8, 2008.

“Greening the Supply Chain”

Dalian University of Technology, Dalian China, Speaker before group of Ph.D. Students, Industry Professionals and Faculty (Audience), June 3, 2008.

“Reverse Logistics: A Sustainability Perspective,”

CNC-Logistica, Zaragoza Spain, 2007. (Keynote Speaker Before 200 Industry Professionals and Academics), September 12, 2007.

“Supply Chain Ethics: Sustainability and Reverse Logistics,”

Academy of Management Conference, August, 2007, Philadelphia, PA, Academic Audience.

“Technological and Innovation Factors Relationships to Environmental and Technical Efficiency”

Academy of Management Conference, August 2007, Philadelphia, PA., Academic Audience.

“Explicit contracting as a determinant of the linkage between environmental performance and executive compensation,”

Greening of Industry Network, June 2007, Wilfred Laurier University, Waterloo, Ontario, Academic and Professional Audience.