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Christopher Avery, PhD

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Location of Speaker: Comfort, TX
Fees: $6,000 - $20,000

  • Keynote
  • Workshop Leader
  • Seminar Leader
  • Facilitator-Retreat
  • Facilitator-Planning
  • Teamwork for Smart People
  • Teamwork is an Individual Skill and Responsibility
  • Building and Leading Teams
  • Keys to Partnering and Collaboration
  • Peer Communication, Motivation, and Feedback
  • Personal and Shared Responsibility; Owning It!
Speech Titles

  • Teamwork Is An Individual Skill - authored book-same title
  • TeamWisdom Secrets of Master Project Leaders
  • Owning It! The Mark of Responsible Leadership
  • Psychology of Abundance -- Overcoming Scarcity in Life and Work
  • Motivating Peers: How to Amplify Anyone's Commitment
  • Survival Skills for Project Team Leaders
About This Speaker:

Christopher Avery, June 2006 was Quoted in Fortune Magazine --

Christopher Avery PhD's Clients Motivation -Comment:

"An overwhelming success!"
Project Management Symposium Program Manager, AT&T

"He offers that blend of style AND substance" Eric Welsh, Conference Director, ProjectWorld
"You were a hit! "

President, / Law Partnering Forum
"I view over 400 videos each year in hopes of finding the right speakers for just a few events. The vast majority of keynote speakers I see are about entertainment, not substance. Christopher Avery is definitely the exception. I have had the pleasure of working with Christopher on a number of events over the last year. He's consistently risen to the challenge, whether it's a workshop or a keynote. His presentation style offers that ever-elusive blend of style and substance.

Perhaps even more remarkable is that he's truly a pleasure to work with. He's embraced seemingly untenable changes time and time again with unflagging grace. Bottom line, he's a great person and a great speaker, and I can't recommend him more highly."

Conference Director,

"I highly recommend Christopher as a teacher and facilitator for your leadership development seminars. He is a pleasure to work with, he obviously cares about his clients and what he is doing, and he is an awesome communicator and teacher."

National Training Coordinator,
Whole Foods Market, Inc.

"Thank you for an outstanding presentation for the managers of the City of Santa Ana. I have received very positive feedback from the attendees, including one who wrote that your presentation was 'insightful, powerful, informative, and enlightening.' I could not agree more. I highly recommend you and "Teamwork Is An Individual Skill" to others."

Assistant City Manager,
City of Santa Ana, CA

"Comments frequently identified your presentation as the 'what I liked best about the symposium,' commenting, 'Did not expect to come away with such life skills,' 'Invite Christopher back!' and 'As long as Christopher has different topics, bring him back every year! He's a great teacher!'"

2002 Symposium Program Manager,
AT&T Project Management Center of Excellence


Christopher Avery's Media comments include:

'Teamwork Is an Individual Skill: Getting Your Work Done When Sharing Responsibility' contains more practical information and advice about the conditions under which we humans optimize our work together than any other book you are likely to have read"

Terry O'Keefe, Executive Bookshelf

"Dr. Avery is a kind of Ayn Rand of individualism among group experts."

Evan Cooper, On the Job,
Syndicated column by Paradigm News

Christopher's articles can be read in scholarly journals, the popular press such as T&D Magazine, and on the web where his newsletter is read by professional in 50 countries. He's been quoted, reviewed, or featured in hundreds of media outlets including Investor's Business Daily, Harvard Management Update, Chicago Tribune, Orange County Register, Nashville Tennessean, Louisville Courier-Journal, The HR Executive, Executive Excellence, Working Mother, Workforce Strategies, Executive Female, NPT,, and

Christopher Avery's Brief Biography --

Christopher Avery, Ph.D.
International Expert on Knowledge Team Performance

- Best selling author who consults for Nokia, AMD, AT&T, and Whole Foods

- Visiting lecturer at The University of Texas

- Consistently described as "engaging, original, fun, and practical" keynoter

- President of Partnerwerks, leading provider of responsible team solutions for knowledge workers


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