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Don Peppers

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Location of Speaker: Norwalk, CT
Fees: $25,000 - $25,000

  • Financial Services Industry - Customer Initiatives
  • Retail Industry - Build Competitive Advantage
  • Pharmaceuticals Industry Customer Strategies
  • Shareholder Value - Customer Success
  • Automotive Industry - Leveraged Strategies
  • CRM - Customer Relationship Mgnt-Data into Profit
Speech Titles

  • Ensuring Success, Avoiding Failure with your Customer Initiative
  • Customer Value is the Key to Long-Terms Shareholder Value
  • Turning Data into Profit: Customer Portfolio Management
  • Building Profitable Customer Relationships through Privacy Strategy
  • Transforming the Customer Interaction Center (CIC) to a Profit Center
  • Investing in Customers: Customer Initiatives for the Financial Services Industry
  • How Retailers are Using Customer Insight to Build Competitive Advantage
About This Speaker:

Need a Strategy Expert for your Next Event?

Are you looking to communicate your company's customer strategy throughout your organization? Do you need a customer strategy expert for an upcoming event? Peppers and Rogers Group partners and consultants are available for internal workshops, keynotes, presentations, webinars and more.

Our team of dynamic experts has worked in industries around the globe and uses their expertise and energy to create presentations that make lasting impressions.

Speaker topics include, but are not limited to:

Ensuring Success, Avoiding Failure with your Customer Initiative

There are three principal reasons why customer strategies fail: strategy, information and adoption. An organization’s ability to develop a customer strategy, design processes to support it, select the right enabling technology and communicate the strategic vision throughout the organization are the keys to success. Peppers and Rogers Group experts discuss the critical factors in executing these steps and offer real-world case examples of companies who have brought together strategy, process and technology to drive ROI from the customer initiative.

Customer Value is the Key to Long-Terms Shareholder Value

Ten years ago, Don Peppers and Martha Rogers, Ph.D. invented the phrase "one to one" to illustrate the revolutionary concept of treating different customers differently. Through the consulting work of Peppers and Rogers Group, they have led the charge in transforming "one to one" from a theoretical concept to a practical methodology that drives real business results - helping companies maximize the value of every customer relationship.

The next phase of the customer revolution is to translate that customer value into shareholder value. Peppers and Rogers Group experts will show why the only true measure of a company's performance is how many customers it has, the amount of money it is able to earn from those customers and how each of these indicators change over time. Plus, we’ll offer a methodology for calculating customer and shareholder value.

Turning Data into Profit: Customer Portfolio Management

Customer insight is an enterprise’s most valuable asset and, like any asset, you need to manage it like an investment. At Peppers and Rogers Group, we call it customer portfolio management. Our experts will give an overview of customer portfolio management and analytics and present case examples of how leading organizations are identifying critical customer data, deriving insight by analyzing it, developing interaction strategies that leverage the insight and continually feeding the system to maintain a competitive advantage.

Building Profitable Customer Relationships through Privacy Strategy

Innovative companies collect customer data, mine it for valuable insight and build profitable relationships to generate ROI. Yet with data comes responsibility. Acting on customer information requires privacy and security practices that comply with regulation, mitigate risk and build customer trust. But is compliance enough to grow your business? Peppers and Rogers Group will show how organizations can move beyond compliance to develop privacy and security practices that increase revenue, reduce costs and strengthen brand.

Transforming the Customer Interaction Center (CIC) to a Profit Center

The traditional call center continues its battle to prove its value within the organizational structure. For many leading companies, the shift from a cost center to a revenue generator is already under way. To achieve success, the people, processes and technologies required to make that transition successful must be aligned with the company's customer vision, including its ability to differentiate customers by their value and needs. Peppers and Rogers Group will present tactics and best practices for a successful CIC re-design.

How Retailers are Using Customer Insight to Build Competitive Advantage

Leading retailers are leveraging a traditionally overlooked asset - their customers - and using this insight to focus their merchandising, marketing and customer service offerings into a powerful, integrated brand offering. See how customer-based initiatives are being refined in the retail segment to maximize the value of every customer relationship.

Customer-based Strategies in Pharmaceuticals

Customer Relationship Management has become a vital business strategy across all industries, including the pharmaceutical market. Companies in this traditionally product-focused environment have seen profit potential shrink due to increased competition and issues such as shorter patent lives and growing buffers to customers. This session will present business strategies that are beginning to shift to a deeper customer focus as pharmaceutical companies identify and differentiate customers, build loyalty programs, market directly to consumers and improve overall customer interaction to boost ROI.

Investing in Customers: Customer Initiatives for the Financial Services Industry

The financial services sector has long been a leader in implementing advanced customer-based strategies. The industry’s top executives understand that capturing and sustaining market advantage in this fiercely competitive space hinges on the ability to leverage the most important asset, the customer. Peppers and Rogers Group experts will take an in-depth look at how leading financial services firms are putting customer strategies to work.

Leveraging Customer-based Business Strategies in the Automotive Industry

Putting the customer first is fast becoming the de facto way of life in the automotive industry. Leading companies are dealing with such challenges as where the Web fits in, the role of the dealership and manufacturer in building relationships directly with the customer and how to optimize marketing budgets for maximum sales. In this session, Peppers and Rogers Group will offer actionable strategies as to how automotive dealerships can leverage customer strategies and technology to maximize the value of their customer interactions and generate more sales while offering superior service.

Don Peppers, Partner


Recognized for over a decade as one of the leading authorities on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) business strategies, Don Peppers is an acclaimed author and a founding partner of Peppers and Rogers Group, the world’s leading customer-focused management consulting firm. Don’s vision, perspective and thoughtful analysis of global business practices has earned him a ranking by Accenture’s Institute for Strategic Change among the “Top 50 Business Intellectuals.” Business 2.0 Magazine has named him one of the “foremost business gurus of our times,” and the World Technology Network has cited Don as an “innovator most likely to create visionary ‘ripple effects’.” Most recently, Inc. Magazine cited Peppers and Rogers Group as a 2002 Web Awards winner for the way the firm uses the Internet to leverage their collective expertise to service clients.

Don’s expertise and clear concise way of thinking places him in high demand - - as both a speaker and a management advisor - - with Fortune 500 executives and entrepreneurs seeking to identify their most valuable customers, increase customer satisfaction, and improve ROI. He is a popular voice among editors and the media, both online and in print, and is the co-author, with Martha Rogers, Ph.D., of a series of international best sellers that have collectively sold over a million copies in 14 languages.

The first book, The One to One Future (1993) was named by Inc. magazine’s editor, George Gendron as “one of the two or three most important business books of all time,” and is considered by many as the bible of the CRM revolution. Enterprise One to One (1997), which received a five-star rating from The Wall Street Journal, shows how CRM strategies and interactive marketing should be applied differently in different business situations. The One to One Fieldbook (1999), co-authored with Bob Dorf, is a step-by-step guide to the mechanics of Peppers and Rogers Group’s unique methodology for building customer relationships. The One to One Manager (1999) highlights the pioneers who dared to implement one-to-one strategies. The latest book, One to One B2B: Customer Development Strategies for the Business-to-Business World (2001), which made The New York Times Best Seller list within a month of publication, provides detailed case studies on five major corporations that embraced a vision for the B2B customer relationship. The authors are currently developing a CRM textbook for university use in graduate level courses, and for business applications.

Don is also the author of Life's a Pitch - - Then You Buy, based on his career as a new business rainmaker for world-class advertising agencies, including Chiat/Day and Lintas:USA. He capped his advertising career as the CEO of Perkins/Butler Direct Marketing, a top-20 U.S.-direct-marketing agency.

Prior to marketing and advertising, Don worked as an economist in the oil business and as the director of accounting for a regional airline. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in astronautical engineering from the U.S. Air Force Academy, and a Master's Degree in public affairs from Princeton University's Woodrow Wilson School.

Peppers and Rogers Group is headquartered in Norwalk, Connecticut and has offices located in Europe, Asia, South America, Latin America, and South Africa.


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