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Louis J. De Rose, CMC, MBA

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Location of Speaker: San Diego, CA
Fees: $6,000 - $9,000

  • Keynote
  • After Dinner
  • Workshop Leader
  • Seminar Leader
  • Consultant - Process
  • How to Sell Customer Value
  • How To Negotiate Purchase Prices
  • Outsourcing for Competitive Advantage
  • The Value Network
Speech Titles

  • Selling Customer Value in (Electronics, Telecom, Health Care et al industries)
  • Positioning for Economic Recovery
  • Reducing the Need to Compete on Price
  • Why the Downturn
  • Outsourcing is a Procurement Process
About This Speaker:

Louis J. DeRose's Clients Comments:

"Lou De Rose clearly provides a well-defined and precise view of the commercial buyer/seller relationship and process."

Unisys Corp.
Vice President,
Corporate Procurement

"De Rose hits the target. He exudes pragmatic, hard-hitting experience-proven ideas, which every general manager should take time to contemplate".

Becton Dickinson Corp.
Group Vice President

"Lou De Rose has elevated our thought process by integrating needs to the pinnacle of Value".

Sheldahl Corporation
President & CEO

"Thanks for the superb job. My colleagues and I expected a great deal from your presentation, and you delivered in spades."

Combustion Engineering
Vice President Procurement

" Mr. De Rose is recognized as the outstanding authority on Supply Chain Management. He is a dynamic speaker and arouses a great deal of enthusiasm".

IBM Corporation
Corporate Director Purchasing
Titles of Articles:

"Meet Today's Buying Influences with Value Selling"

- Journal of Marketing Management

"Selling Value"

- Computer Systems News

"Pricing Isn't Enough"

- Electronic Buyers News

"Negotiating Value"

- Sales and Marketing Management

"Why Technology Providers Fail"

- Microsoft Access (Online


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