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Karen Cortell Reisman,

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Location of Speaker: Dallas TX
Fees: $5,000 - $10,000

  • After Dinner
  • Keynote
  • Seminar Leader
  • Workshop Leader
  • Trainer
  • Surviving change
  • Communications
  • Leadership
  • Sales
  • Presentation Skills
  • Albert Einstein
Speech Titles

  • Letters From Einstein – Equation For Change
  • Speak For Yourself with Power, Presence, & Professionalism
  • Speak To Sell
  • Speak To Win
  • Sharing the Trail – a 10-step Approach to Getting Along
  • Sales
  • Presentation
About This Speaker:

Karen Cortell Reisman's Clients Comment:

“For me your presentation was very powerful. This was due to your speaking style and the vivid descriptions you gave about the incidents, etc. Most colorful and explicit. It would be difficult for one NOT to conjure up a mental picture of what you were describing.”

Conference of Dental Meetings (comment about Einstein keynote)
E. Stephen Alder, DDS

"Your workshops receive outstanding ratings. We’ve made your workshop a permanent part of our program."

Elk Corporation (about presentation skills training)
Curt Barker,
Vice President Sales & Marketing, North America

“You did an excellent job of tweaking our content and delivery. We have a great team at The Staubach Company, and we do real estate pitches all the time. But this particular presentation was critical, and that’s when we called you. Our client told us that this was the best presentation they’ve ever heard.”

Staubach (about communication coaching)
Larry Toon, Senior Vice President

“This was the best professional training course that I have ever
taken . . ."
American Heart Association (about presentation skills training)
Lisa Crosslin, Manager, ECC Field Operations

"Wow! You managed to keep a standing room only crowd completely captivated on a Saturday morning."

Hinman Dental Meeting
(about a communication breakout session)
Dr. James Awbrey, IV, D.M.D.

Books by Karen Cortell Reisman, M.S. -

"The Naked Truth about
Giving Great Speeches"


"The Naked Truth about

Sample Articles, CDs, and cassettes authored by Karen:

“Growing Your Gravitas”, KeyMotes Newsletter published by the National Speakers Association, November, 2002.

“The Oscar goes to…The One You TRUST the Most” Dental Economics, August, 1999.

“Consultative Selling – 7 Strategies for Maintaining Long Term Relationships”, Dental Economics, October, 1998.

“How to Share the Trail Successfully… A 10 Step Approach to Conflict Management”, Dental Economics, September, 2000.

“Anatomy of a Keynote… Moving from Brain to Heart to Soul”, audio taped at National Speakers Association 2002 Eastern Workshop.

“Speak To Win! audio CD

Media Articles that quote Karen the Expert:

“The Art of Attraction. Developing Authentic Platform Presence” Professional Speaker Magazine, October, 2002.

“Increase Sales and Profit Margins”, Roofing Contractors Guide, May, 2000.

“Study Puts Accent on Aural Discrimination”, The Dallas Morning News, August, 2000.

“People Skills Essential to Career Advancement”, The Dallas Morning News, June, 2000.

“Buzzwords Helpful Only If Used Correctly”, The Dallas Morning News, December, 1999.

“Limit Points in Interview, Expert Says”, The Dallas Morning News, May, 1999.


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