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Trina Hoefling

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Location of Speaker: Denver, Co
Fees: $2,000 - $4,000

  • Consultant - Process
  • Facilitator-Planning
  • Seminar Leader
  • Workshop Leader
  • Consultant - Project
  • Working Virtually: Managing People
  • Leadership - Principle Oriented
  • Active Listening for Results
  • Customer Service-Customers for Life
  • Delegation - Effectively
  • Values, Ethics, Beliefs
  • Myers-Briggs MBTI
  • DISC
  • Telework
Speech Titles

  • Principled Negotiation
  • Customer Intimacy – Creating Customers for Life
  • Ethics, Values, and Leadership – Where Are Your Principles, Principals?
  • Secrets of Knowing: Focus, Belief, Values, and Goals
  • Mobilizing and Leading People Through Change
  • Do You Hear What I Meant? The Effect of Listening on the Bottom Line
  • Telework Successful Implementation
About This Speaker:

Author, Working Virtually: Managing People for Successful Virtual Teams and Organizations

Trina Hoefling's Book and Clients Rave Reviews:

Mead Consulting Group/TSI Services
Dave Mead, CEO

Quote from book recommendation: “Working Virtually brings the growing world of ‘distributed work’ into a strategic perspective. Trina Hoefling not only highlights the important distinctions between virtual workgroups and virtual teams, but also provides detailed practical steps and tools for implementation and management. It provides a bridge across the chasm. This is a book the CEO should read first…then pass along to all key managers.”

International Truck and Engine University
Robert Garcia, Director

Also a quote from book “An enlightening book! Trina Hoefling has helped me better understand how we can effectively and efficiently work virtually. She has a gift of communicating in a compelling and practical manner that inspires one to action. This is a must read book for anyone considering a virtual work environment.”

Bradford Publishing
Reda Martin, CEO

Littleton Fire and Rescue
Jay Ruoff, Chief of Training Services

City of Longmont
Barbara Estes, Manager of Training and Development

Trina Hoefling's Most Requested Topics:

1. How Virtual Work Changes Managing… Forever

2. The 3-S Solution: Succesful,Sustainable, Scaleable Change

3. From Silos to Networks: Developing Leaders in a Disbursed Organization

4. Virtual is Viable: Adapting Organizational Culture to Support Virtual Teams

5. The Virtual Workforce of the (Now) Future: Managing Teams Across Time, Distance, and Culture

Additional Titles:

Dialogue as a Team Learning and Consensus Building Tool

Deciding How to Decide

Getting the Monkey Off Your Back: Making Delegation Work for You

Principled Negotiation

Trina Hoefling Brief Biography:

Trina Hoefling, Owner and Lead Consultant

MA Industrial Organizational Psychology

MA Speech Communication with a business and group emphasis




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