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Dierdre Mendez, PhD

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Location of Speaker: Austin, TX
Fees: $2,500 - $10,000

  • Consultant - Process
  • Consultant - Project
  • Workshop Leader
  • Seminar Leader
  • Trainer
  • Doing Business with the Japanese: Full Story
  • Internationalizing Your Community
  • Technopolis Development:Lessons From Austin
  • Going Global: Why Bother and Where To Start
  • Managing International Projects – Ten Techniques
Speech Titles

  • Technopolis Development: Lessons Learned in Austin Texas
  • International Project Management/Teambuilding
  • Taking Your Company International
  • Doing Business with the Japanese
  • Advanced Course on Doing Business with the Japanese
About This Speaker:

Deidre Mendez's Typical Client Quote:

“Dr. Deirdre Mendez led key members of our project team through an intensive two-day interactive session on dealing successfully in Japan. Since some of Dr. Mendez’s information was contrary to information I had received from previous contacts and readings, I was anxious to perform some tests. I quickly found that Dr. Mendez hit every “nail on the head” with her information. I’ve thrown away all my other information from “experts” and rely on Dr. Mendez for advice on our business in Osaka. I can honestly say that our company would not have realized our goals and objectives without the valuable information and learning from her seminar.”

Project Manager, Sachem USA

"Dierdre was absolutely excellent. Everything she taught us was on target for working with our Japanese Contractors effectively. She included all the specific details we need to make this a successful project."

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