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Sales Makeover – Selling Power Magazine – Joyce Scott

Named one of Top 3 Sales Coaches in America for Results

Sales Makeover – Example of a Client Engagement for Results

Background: Emily Villanueva is a senior account manager for Catapult Systems, an information- technology consulting firm specializing in e-business solutions, custom application development and software integration. The company has offices in Austin and Houston, TX. Villanueva, based in Austin, has been with the company for about a year but has been selling software and IT services for five years. She has an engineering degree and began her career as an engineer, then was lured into sales by an astute manager who felt her communication and technical skills would be an asset to the sales team.

Since coming to Catapult, Villanueva has struggled with long sales cycles. The cycles typically last four to six months – a result of project proposals that tend to keep growing in scope as prospects add more
requirements and more decision makers. “We’ll present a proposal and the prospect will start reexamining the problem, throwing in other facets of the problem,” said Villanueva. “These other facets usually involve several business areas, so suddenly the team we need to get approval from grows in size.” And as different departments, each with different priorities and requirements, get involved, the proposal becomes more complex, while the time to close a deal becomes more drawn out. “I’m hoping there’s something I can do earlier in the process to nail down the parameters for success,” she said.

The meeting: We paired Villanueva with Joyce Scott, CEO of Austin, Texas-based Superb Speakers. The two met for a full day in mid-August at Villanueva’s office, and both declared the meeting a complete success.

Scott had two key recommendations for Villanueva. ……. (Full Article Details by Request )

The boss’s perspective: Chitra Subramaniam, Catapult Systems’ director of sales and Villanueva’s boss, was thrilled with the makeover results. Villanueva was always a great rep, she said, but since working with Scott, she now has more energy, enthusiasm and creativity. “She’s a lot more enthusiastic pursuing new opportunities because she knows she’s likely to get a commitment for something small. Before, she may have been thinking, ‘No way are they going to go for this huge proposal,’” Subramaniam said. “I
also like that she’s not just mining the accounts she currently has, but is bringing in new clients that Catapult typically hasn’t had in the past because their initial budgets weren’t that big.”

Subramaniam figures Villanueva is closing deals in four to six weeks now – even faster than Villanueva’s own estimate. And already those smaller commitments are paying off. “Typically we pursue $250,000 to
$350,000 deals, but she’s getting prospects to commit to deals of about $50,000,” says Subramaniam. “Already, one account that started as a $50,000 piece of business has spent $200,000 with us.

“I’m looking to hire a new rep next quarter, and if I could clone Emily, that would be great,” Subramaniam concludes. “She’s going to be the next rep’s mentor. She is now my standard.”

Updated Information on continued Progress -
About the consultant- Current Data: Joyce Scott created a career plan at 18 years old and has worked in technical, management and Fortune 100 high-tech, record-breaking sales. She is CEO and founder of the 25-year old national firm Superb Speakers and Trainers, placing over 130 nationally known subject matter experts with clients to solve business problems through improved workforce performance.

Emily, B.S. Chemical Engineering, grew her skills into Chief Marketing Officer at Catapult Systems, within 7 years, she now is Vice President – Marketing, FlashParking, Austin, Texas

Telephone Scott at 1-800-795-0493, email or visit her Website at


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