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Larry Simons

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Location of Speaker: Austin, TX
Fees: $3,500 - $7,500

  • Keynote
  • Seminar Leader
  • Workshop Leader
  • Facilitator-Retreat
  • Trainer
  • Journey to Wholeness: Story, Tools,Choice
  • Tools For Recovery
  • Surviving PTSD
  • Life Skills Tools
  • Surviving Grief
  • It’s All about Attitude
  • Post-Trauma Solution-Based Tools
  • Post-Traumatic Growth
Speech Titles

  • Journey to Wholeness, Story, Tools, Choice
  • Grief Recovery Process
  • Steps To Recovery
  • Post-Traumatic Growth
  • Post-Traumatic Solution-Based Tools
About This Speaker:

Larry Simons - Client Quotes:

Post-Traumatic Solution-Based Tools -

"I thought your class was very helpful to me to drive home many of the methods that I have been exposed to over the years into a focused channel of energy."

Director DELL / Enterprise Quality & Consumer Experience


"During the past thirty years I have coached many, many different types of people. I can emphatically, unreservedly say that Larry Simons is in the top echelon of speaking talent!"

Lee Moczygemba, Speaking Coach


"A prince of a man, of utmost integrity, and has a story to share that touches people powerfully and is healing emotionally."

John K Graham, M.D., D.Min., - President/CEO Institute for Spirituality and Health – Houston Texas

"Thank you from two pilgrims on a journey – looking for signpost & you are one – More like a billboard!"

Pat & Chuck Naeve

"Larry, you are a force of Nature! Thank you for sharing your tools."

Carol Webb


"Words cannot express the gratitude I feel for the gift of your workshop which serves as a blessed tool to guide my true destined path."

Becky Kephart


Quotes from Soldiers at Ft. Hood:

"Thank you for helping me Grow, thanks for sharing your tools."

"Thanks for you insight."

"Who would have thought that one hour could change your life. Thank you."

"What a wonderful experience."

"It has been a privilege and thought generating experience."

"You helped save my life."

"You have changed my thinking forever."

"You taught me that thoughts really are things."

"Thank you for giving me tools to help me heal, to help me grow."

"We have had other speakers, but nothing like you."

"Thank you."

"Thank you for sharing you tools for recovery."

"I understand the importance of Goals for the first time in my life."

"Thank you for making the tools easy to understand and apply."

"I love your definition of Attitude. It makes very good sense. Now I can apply it to my life."

"I loved your very candid and heart-felt story of your personal journey."

"Thank you for my Gratitude Stone. It will help me remember to be thankful."

"Thank you for giving me hope beyond the hurt.
Your sincerity is your gift."

"Absolutely fabulous, thank you."

Certificate of Appreciation

To: Larry Simons

In recognition of your outstanding service work to the soldiers of the Addiction Medicine Intensive Outpatient Program through the sharing of your story of experience, strength, and hope in recovery. Thank you for telling your riveting and transformational account of restoration, healing, and growth acquired as a result of your choice to face your adversities and actively participate in your program of recovery.

We honor your selfless service to come to Ft. Hood to share your recovery with our warriors, the defenders of our great Country.

Addiction Medicine Intensive Outpatient Program
Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center
Ft. Hood, Texas

“Serving to Heal…Honored to Serve”
20 December 2012

Nicollette A. Dennis, LCSW, BCD
Clinical Supervisor - Addiction Medicine Intensive Outpatient Program


January 7, 2014


I thought your class was very helpful to me to drive home many of the methods that I have been exposed to over the years into a focused channel of energy.

It’s not until you step back and examine each of the 8 lessons individually that you can really see how they all really do fit together and if orchestrated well, can make a huge difference in how people approach their daily life. While I consider myself a relatively positive person, there are times when I’m not so.

Recognizing that thoughts, good vs. bad, can have a direct impact on the actions taken, and that these actions can actually hurt others AND myself (in an unlimited number of ways), it really puts it into perspective and for me, has helped me to focus on the positive attitude that drives positive thoughts, to make me a better person.

Thanks again for your commitment to this topic and sharing something so near and dear to you with the class. You are a true friend and I love you deeply.


Scott W. Murphy
Dell | Enterprise Quality & Customer Experience


About - Larry Simons

Speaker / Author

Settling into travel mode for another business trip, one leg down, one to go – Austin to Dallas, Dallas to Kansas City, but Larry Simons’ world was about to change…drastically…from being a successful US sales dynamo to a man on his knees, but standing in an airport. In a short call home, he learned from Debbie of the death that day of their beloved daughter, Cammie.

In mere seconds, he hit bottom, just like That. The bottom was a dark and frightening place. Catching the next plane back to Austin, he arrived and almost immediately got lost.

To say that Larry’s recovery was long and painful understates his grief profoundly. But it is what he found within himself that makes his a remarkable story, a remarkable recovery.

Yes, it took a long time. Yes, it was painful. But he refused to stay in That place. Grief is. Grief takes. Larry’s recovery was long and painful. It is what he learned through the process that he now shares with audiences from all backgrounds. The journey of becoming integrated in all areas of life.

His favorite day of the month for the last two years has been going to Ft. Hood, Texas, to the Army hospital. There he shares parts of his story with soldiers diagnosed with severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He talks about hope and healing.

He talks about Posttraumatic Growth. He shares tools for surviving and thriving even after experiencing great trauma in one’s life. His is a required course. His singular goal: to change just one life.

Soldiers aren’t the only ones grieving in today’s society. There’s the loss of jobs, loss of income, the loss of savings, divorces, broken families. There is so much grief. Then there are the suicides, now at an all-time high among soldiers (active and retired), physicians, financiers, lawyers, along with highly skilled blue-collar jobs.

How does one have a good attitude in the midst of all this pain? Larry Simons wants to share with you some ideas that have helped him work through his incredible grief. Work through, not around, not over, not under, but work through the grief.
Larry Simons authored Journey to Wholeness, the story, the tools, the choice as his response. It is a powerful story and guide book. It is a demonstration of the human ability to survive and rise above the crushing aftermath of tragic grief. It is an inspiring, first-hand, and unflinchingly honest story of the author’s experience with sorrow, despair, guilt, rage, and anguish from one of life’s most heart-breaking experiences.

Now, Larry has developed an 8-part Journey to Wholeness Workshop which incorporates these lessons and additional ones from his lifetime of learning and mentoring.

Larry shares valuable and effective tools for coping with and successfully navigating this journey of formation and integration, what may be the most important journey of your life. He shares time-tested strategies that lead the reader to once again find peace, strength, hope, joy, and purpose.

Laurie Brown Chair, Spiritual Formation Council Sponsor, Journey to Wholeness Workshop

About The Book -

In the new book Journey to Wholeness: The Story, The Tools, The Choice (published by WestBow Press) authors Larry E. Simons and Carmen DiNino Alspach, LPC, LCDC writes about the unimaginable sorrow and brokenness of Larry’s surviving the suicidal deaths of his father, uncle, stepfather and finally his daughter. Readers will learn how he transformed his greatest sadness into his greatest purpose and meaning in life.

Journey to Wholeness is unique. Larry tells his firsthand account of events in his life. In the following chapters Carmen talks about the significant parts of Larry’s narrative and clinically highlights precisely how Larry was able to work through and transcend the pain and challenges of his successful recovery. This valuable format gives the reader the opportunity to see both the pain Larry endured and then the clinical analysis of Larry’s burning desire and effort to work through that pain back into wholeness. This format enables the reader to be able to identify similarities of their own experiences with Larry’s story and then apply the recovery strategies of Carmen’s discussion to their own lives.

Journey to Wholeness is a powerful story and guide book. It is a demonstration of the human ability to survive and rise above the crushing aftermath of tragic grief. It is an inspiring, first-hand, gripping and unflinchingly honest story of the author’s experience with sorrow, despair, guilt, rage, and anguish from life’s most heart-breaking experiences. This book provides valuable and effective tools for coping with and successfully navigating this Journey. The tools provide revolutionary insight and the leverage to live beyond tragedy. It provides time-tested strategies that lead the griever to once again find peace, strength, hope, joy and purpose. The tools teach readers how to avoid the most common pitfall of grievers, getting stuck in grief.

It’s a road map for a Journey to Wholeness in your life.

Journey to Wholeness is a story that had to be told to the world because of the incredible impact the story has on readers’ lives. Part one of the book makes the readers yearn for an answer, yearn for a way out. The unique life changing tools in part two of the book provide the answer; provide the map that can lead grievers back to wholeness. There is an incredible amount of pain in the world today. This book describes how to transcend that pain.

Journey to Wholeness is a book about hope, faith, and a book that provides help for life’s journey. It doesn’t just talk about the stages of grief, but actually gives readers tools and strategies to put the pieces of their shattered lives, the pieces of the puzzle, back together again.


About the Authors

Larry Simons rose from humble beginnings in Texas to become a highly successful and respected salesman in the corporate world. Beloved by family, friends, and colleagues, Larry is known for his eternal optimism, personal integrity, positive attitude and unwavering faith.

Co-author, Carmen DiNino Alspach, is a Johns Hopkins University–trained therapist who assisted Larry Simons in his grief recovery.

She is a licensed professional counselor and licensed chemical dependency counselor specializing in recovery from profound grief, addictions and trauma.


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