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Kevin Sweeney

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Location of Speaker: Dallas, Texas
Fees: $7,500 - $10,000

  • Keynote
  • After Dinner
  • Seminar Leader
  • Facilitator-Retreat
  • Peak Performance Under Pressure
  • Stress Management
  • Teamwork/Teambuilding
  • Proper Preparation
Speech Titles

  • Pressure Cooker Confidence™
  • As If Your Life Depended on It
  • I Can't Do It Alone
  • It’s No Big Deal, I’ve Been Here Before
  • Effective Leadership
About This Speaker:

About Kevin Sweeney -

Kevin talks about Peak Performance under pressure. The main story he tells is where he was the Captain of a KC-135, the military version of the Boeing 707, 4 engine jet, at night, maximum weight on a Desert Storm mission when the two engines on his left wing came completely off the airplane.

With the help of his crew, he flew the airplane back and successfully landed. Kevin talks about how to put you and your team in position to handle the pressures we all face personally and professionally on a daily basis.

Kevin Sweeney's Client Comments:

Government Financial Management Association of Texas
Executive Director

"The inspirational speaker was FABULOUS. Usually I am counting down the seconds until someone is finished in those kinds of things, but that guy was AMAZING. I wish my son could hear his story. WOW."

Texas Association for Alternative Education
Executive Director

"You had the 600+ member teachers of the Texas Association for Alternative Education enthralled and engaged for every second of your speech at our annual convention."

Glass Doctor

"Your speech perfectly matched the theme of the meeting – “One team, One mission.”"

United States Air Force Academy
Commandant of Cadets

"The values you stand for are the same high ideals we strive to develop and internalize in all our cadets….You have made a difference and inspired all who heard your words to strive for that greater good that lies within!"

C.H. Guernsey & Company

"I have had a lot of positive feedback as a result of your presentation. Everyone enjoyed your message and especially enjoyed your high-energy style."

VP, Network Services

"Your approach to handling the pressure we all constantly face is unique and compelling."

Lockheed Martin
VP, Quality & Mission Success

"The need and ability to handle pressure appropriately is a dilemma we all constantly face. Your strategy and formula for taking that pressure and turning it into “Pressure Cooker Confidence™”, a calm confidence is a lesson we all need."

Kevin Sweeney's Media Quotes:

Reader’s Digest

"It was sheer skill and remarkably calm performance that kept the airplane flying that night. Last May, Sweeney, Selanders, Mermis and Stucky were presented the U.S. Air Force Distinguished Flying Cross “for extraordinary achievement.”

“How did you manage to do it?” a reporter asked Sweeney. “We stayed calm, practiced basic airmanship and did what we had to.”

Private Clubs

“I relate that to my audience. If a salesperson has prepared for that irate customer to call, that’s not a bad day. It’s OK, they know how to handle it.”…”I talk about some of the biggest stress in life, which we cause ourselves. I talk about focus, ignoring the immaterial. How many times do we find ourselves looking at the wrong thing?”

Oklahoma Association Manager

“Think ahead; avoid putting yourself into a known position of pressure. You can control the situation; put yourself into a position for success.”

Kevin Sweeney
President, Kevin Sweeney Speakers

Lt. Colonel United States Air Force (retired)
Partial list of Medals Awarded
Multiple Air Medals
Air Achievement Medal
United States Air Force Distinguished Flying Cross
Command Pilot designation, United States Air Force
Combat Veteran, Viet Nam, Desert Storm

Bachelor’s Degree of Arts, Economics
Bachelor‘s Degree in Business Administration
Masters Degree in Business Administration


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