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Kay Caldwell

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Location of Speaker: Dallas, TX
Fees: $6,000 - $15,000

  • After Dinner
  • Keynote
  • Workshop Leader
  • Trainer
  • Consultant - Process
  • High Performance Teams/Leadership
  • Blueprint / Training & Development
  • Customer Service
  • Business Etiquette/Networking/Politics
  • Motivation and Spirit in the Workplace
Speech Titles

  • Purposeful Customer Service
  • Living the Warrior Spirit
  • Branding a Company Culture
  • Servant Leadership from the Heart
  • Standing in Your Power
About This Speaker:

Southwest Airlines - Quotes about Kay:

“Kay left a lasting impression on those of us at Southwest Airlines. Her commitment to Golden Rule Behavior (one of the tenets upon which our Company is built); her dedication to our Mission and Core Values; and her devotion to developing the People of Southwest Airlines will be long and fondly remembered.”

Herb Kelleher,
Southwest Airlines Chairman of the Board

“During her 21+ years of dedicated service to Southwest Airlines, Kay skillfully and graciously helped prepare and equip our People to provide the Legendary Customer Service for which Southwest Airlines has always been known. She exhibited a Servant’s Heart and a thorough understanding of what it means to “Live the Southwest Way.”

Colleen Barrett,
President Southwest Airlines

“For 21+ years, Southwest Airlines’ Customers – both internal and external – benefited from Kay Caldwell’s commitment to preserving and nurturing our unique Culture by developing effective, dynamic Leaders.”

Gary Kelly,
Southwest Airlines Chief Executive Officer

“Like everything you do, High Performance was first class! Thank you for developing a program which enabled our leaders to examine and evaluate all aspects of their lives. Your dedication shines through in the quality and the way it is received.”

Carolyn Bates,
Vice President Reservations

Kay, “words can’t express my appreciation………… you remind me that the heart is the happiest when it beats for others and the greatest achievements are those that benefit others.”

Ellen Torbert,
Southwest Airline Vice President Reservations

Media for Kay Caldwell:

- Featured in the Fox Television Special Successful Women in Business

- Performed in the Original Southwest Shuffle Video on 60 Minutes

- Featured in a Ronald McDonald House Commercial

- Interviewed by Southern Living regarding Training Facilities

- Article for Road Signs for Success publication for Institute for Purposeful Living

Kay Caldwell's Topics With Descriptions:

1. High Performance Teams/Leadership – This program covers communication, goal setting, servant leadership, creativity, delivering employee appraisals and tough messages, how to work through challenges, recognition programs, new beginnings and leading by example.

2. Blueprint / Training & Development– You will love this as an elementary introduction on preparing a training program. This is a detailed step approach from idea to analysis, budget, facilities, the materials, train the trainer to measuring outcome. You will also enjoy a vigorous, fun- filled training portion on how to speak in front of an audience regardless of the number of people you are addressing. I hope you know how to run with Scissors. Find out what I mean by that when you select this program.

3. Customer Service – You will be building not just customer service but customer relations which is a must in the world of today. People want to know you care and that you exercise the “Golden Rule”. You will find out how and what that is all about in this session on customer service.

4. Business Etiquette/Networking/Politics – this class was designed because people in management sometimes don’t have the background needed when promoted to a position where they represent a department or their company. It begins in areas of developing knowledge and confidence in the business world. Information regarding manners and image will be discussed. You can expect conversation starters and a lot of surprises.

5. Motivation and Spirit in the Workplace – These topics are not superficial, they exist in each of us. This program gives you countless motivational tools for personal use and to share with others. Working for 22 years inside a successful company that discussed Southwest Spirit daily gives me a lot to share on the topic. It is one of the most fun and interesting classes to attend.

Kay Caldwell's Title's With Descriptions:

1. Purposeful Customer Service
In our ever changing world, learn how to determine what you and your company’s purpose are regarding both your internal and external
Customers and how to communicate the message. Have fun learning to build strong relationships with Customers that is built on trust and loyalty. This information will enable you to meet the needs of those you serve.

2. Living the Warrior Spirit
Do you want to start a fire inside of your employees that make them want to be the best of the best? Have you thought about the competitive edge? This session will show you as a leader how to be a warrior and develop the
warrior spirit within your team and company. Give them a chance to achieve and be proud of their achievements.

3. Branding a Company Culture
Look around your company, what do you see? Ask yourself four questions:
1. Do we have company culture?
2. Can you explain it in 2 sentences or less?
3. Do your employees know what it is?
4. Is it a common goal that you and the employees live, talk about, are proud of?
If not, you need this session to help you start branding your company culture.


4. Servant Leadership from the Heart
Do you ever wonder what successful men and women to that make people love and respect them so much? Did you ever notice that most of them don’t have as much stress or they don’t show it? What is the secret? Serving
others from the heart. Join me and find out what the secret is. Let me assist you in ascertaining those traits and demonstrate how to emulate change to become a successful servant leader.

Standing in Your Power- Kay’s purpose in life is teaching people to learn how to “Stand In Their Personal Power!”
This means embracing your inner spirit, finding your purpose, and learning to celebrate the gifts you have been given. This is how you find your happiness. In being who you are and experiencing what your natural talents can bring to you.
This program will help you learn your purpose and when you do that you will stand in your power!

Kay Caldwell's Biography:

- Leader of Training & Development 21+ years with Southwest Airlines

- Certified Myers Briggs

- Executive Coach Burlington Santa Fe Railroad

As Leader of training and leadership development for Southwest Airlines, Kay Caldwell helped build that famous culture that has made Southwest Airlines into one of the top companies to work for in the world. She directed and conducted training programs and conferences that helped employees achieve success personally and professionally. Kay designed and authored over 30 programs.

In her 22 years with Southwest Airlines, Kay literally worked her way from the ground up with tours of duty in finance; customer relations; sales and revenue generation; and reservations call center operations. Kay was honored with the Southwest Airlines Spirit and Dedication Award, was featured in the Fox Television special Successful Women in Business, received Southwest Airlines President’s Award for her exemplary service to the customers of Southwest Airlines, served as a member of the Southwest Airlines Culture Committee for 15 years and is a current alumni member, performed in the original Southwest Shuffle on 60 minutes, was featured in a Ronald McDonald House commercial, served as a board member for Salt Lake City Utah Ronald McDonald House and sang happy birthday to the governor of Utah impersonating Marilyn Monroe.

Today Kay is sharing her expertise with clients as a consultant and speaker. She shows them how they can apply the same principles she learned and taught at Southwest --- the Warrior Spirit, Leaders Serving Others from the Heart and of course FUN –to build a culture where employees are energized and empowered to deliver world class customer service.


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