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Shelly Kochhar (Coach'r)

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Location of Speaker: Houston and Austin Tx
Fees: $3,500 - $5,500

  • Consultant - Project
  • Seminar Leader
  • Trainer
  • Workshop Leader
  • Facilitator-Planning
  • Keynote
  • Panel
  • PDRI Facilitation Services
  • Communications for Engineers
  • Systems for Critical-Thinking
  • The Art of War, by Sun Tzu
  • So You Want To Be An Engineer?
Speech Titles

  • 4 Fold ROI - PDRI for Building and Renovation Projects
  • Technical Writing for Engineers
  • Win or Die! The 10 Minute Game
  • The Personal Energy Management System
  • Strategy with Purpose: Where Knowledge Meets Intent
  • So You Want To Be An Engineer?
About This Speaker:

Client Comments About - Shelly Kochhar (Coach'r), MSEE -- Motivational Speaker :

WTAMU - Summer 2009 - Engineering Camp
West Texas A&M University

Keynote Topic: So You Want To Be An Engineer?

"Shelly was outstanding for our camp! One of every 3 critiques named her as the best speaker this year."

Outreach Coordinator
Department of Engineering and Computer Science

“Ms. Kochhar is very knowledgeable in teaching. She encouraged students’ involvement and participation in class discussion. She has been very helpful in showing me how to clear my thoughts and how to write them down systematically. I really like the coaching session and the tools she taught us. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to improve his or her thinking and writing. She also recommended books, which can help students to improve writing skills.”

– A.N., United Space Alliance

“Great techniques – one-on-one was excellent opportunity to get help and address needs.”
– C.T., United Space Alliance


–L.R., United Space Alliance

“The class was perfect. We cleared a back-log of updates and learned how to capture all of these random thoughts in an organized deliverable.”

– Results of United Space Alliance

"Your material really met the needs of our participants. The information shared energized our participants and many of your ideas will now be implemented in districts across the state. Think about the impact you made!"

— Debora Tinnin Parent Learning Network,
Texas Association of School Boards

“She walks her talk. Excellent info. Explained a complicated subject easily.“

- Attendee, The Parent Learning Network

Shelly Kochhar, MSEE - Brief Biography:

Shelly Kochhar (Coach’r), is one of the few engineer-speakers available to empower your professionals with proven tools for critical-thinking, communications and self-management. She earned her Master’s Degree from the University of Texas in Electrical Engineering and is a certified Strategist in The Art of War by Sun Tzu. As a facilitator, technical trainer and lunch speaker, engineers laugh at her jokes and she understands their complicated engineering applications. Shelly is an authentic expert in critical-thinking and technical communications.

Shelly Kochhar (Coach’r), MSEE and Certified Sun Tzu Strategist, Previously Coached Engineers to Pass the Texas Professional Engineers Review Exam

Founder of Strategy With Purpose
"Think Retraining: Where Knowledge Meets Intent"

Hands-on Engineering background includes:

technical support engineer with National Instruments worked directly with and coached one of the in-situ data collection and analyses projects at Lawrence Livermore Labs. Set up the sensors and the software for data collection, documenting the procedures and then continuing to support this effort over the phone, the application was well under way to monitoring and cleaning the underground water beneath the Livermore campus.

As the project manager at National Instruments for the LabVIEW Technical Software Instruction CD, her team created an interactive, bi-lingual CD allowing the desktop student to learn individual lessons, search for specific applications, and integrate this help with his “live” application. This single stand alone training guide supported the end-user, call center help, classroom training and remote instruction.

Shelly was a applications and controls engineer in the personal computer line of National Instruments products across all industries and resolved hundreds of customer calls.

As a controls and support engineer at the Electric Control Center Operations at the Lower Colorado River Authority and Electric Reliability Council of Texas, documentation responsibilities included real-time software assessment and updates to the code, documenting the changes, communicating with the system operators and updating procedures to accommodate new dynamics.

As a permitting engineer with the Texas Air Control Board now (TCEQ) Shelly was in the combustion division she was responsible for solar turbines, power plants, crematoriums – anything affecting the air she worked to determine the consequences to the environment using computer models.

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