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Drew J. Stevens

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Location of Speaker: St. Louis, Mo.
Fees: $3,500 - $5,000

  • After Dinner
  • Keynote
  • Seminar Leader
  • Workshop Leader
  • Trainer
  • Selling the Entreprenuer
  • Selling for the Selling Professional
  • Customer Service
  • Sales Management
  • Presentation Skills
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Time Management
Speech Titles

  • Split Second Selling The PRACTICE of Selling
  • Split Second Self Management, Targeting your Priorities
  • Grand Slam Customer Service
  • Check Your Baggage
  • The Winner in You!
About This Speaker:

Drew Stevens Ph.D. -- Profile:

Split Second Selling PRACTICE make Perfect Selling!

Drew Steven's Clients:

Mercy Health Plans
VP Human Resources

National Association of Electrical Distributors
- CMM VP Meetings and Events

Quest Diagnostics
- Regional Vice President of Sales

Vice President Sales Operations

US Steel Corporation
Vice President Human Resources

Reliv International
Vice President Customer Service

Drew Steven's Most Requested Titles:

Split Second Selling The PRACTICE of Selling

If you sell for a living and need to recharge your batteries this is the session for you! Learn to avoid the Top 10 Sales Mistakes and separate yourself from the competition.

Split Second Self Management, Targeting your Priorities

Time is money and you need to be productive. You'll master invaluable timesavers that'll put you in full control of your day! And then you will begin to receive a Return on Time!!

Grand Slam Customer Service

Learn to build bridges-while hitting home runs. Discover specific strategies for overcoming objections, turning angry customers into your company's biggest advocates!

Check Your Baggage

Are you tired of carrying around your emotional baggage wherever you go? Do you seek better ways to win at life and influence your own positive behavior? Do you just want to stop sweating the small stuff and learn to shed the emotional garbage? Dr. Drew has the answers!

The Winner in You!

Do you seek new opportunities and a new life? Are you tired or not getting results! Seeking a new formula for finish line results? Dr. Drew wants you to PRACTICE so that you have a new attitude and gold medal results now!

Drew Steven's Published Articles and Writing Sample:

Adapt to Career Change
as seen in the Chicago Tribune

The importance of training quoted in the Newark Star Ledger

Habits of Successful Sales Professionals as seen in Master Salesmanship

Frequently quoted in Professional Selling Magazine

How to find a Speaker for your Next Event Midwest Meetings

"Return on investment is a key component of a successful training program. All trainers who are members of the American Society for Training and Development learn the importance of this return on investment, or the ability to teach principles that have measurable effects on the students' work and productivity. While the students are responsible for using day-to-day techniques presented in training courses, the trainers are responsible for developing useful curricula that goes beyond theory.

Good training instructors enforce accountability, and participants who wish to gain tangible benefits from training courses should be sure to choose programs where accountability is emphasized.

"People fear change, even when it promises to be beneficial. Participants must be willing to make basic changes in their everyday routine, based on new techniques presented in training programs. They should receive and save written materials related to the course. It is a good idea for students to come to the training course with a clear idea of what they hope to achieve. If they know what they want to change, they can address those issues directly and develop a plan to carry through with the trainer's recommendations. It is helpful to
remember that new habits take at least 21 days to develop.

"Students also may want to look for courses that offer follow-up sessions with the trainer. Request a phone follow-up a month after the course ends in order to discuss specific roadblocks that may have come along. During the course, it is a good idea to think in terms of specific items that the student may want to monitor and follow up on."



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