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Larry Turner

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Location of Speaker: Scottsdale, Az
Fees: $3,500 - $7,000

  • Seminar Leader
  • Trainer
  • Keynote
  • After Dinner
  • Consultant - Process
  • Panel
  • Facilitator-Retreat
  • Forensic Science for Working Professionals
  • Homicide and Sexual Assault Investigations
  • Forensic Science and Management of the Crime Scene
  • ASCLD-LAB Accreditation Review Seminar
  • Homeland Security Forensic Science Seminar
  • Forensic Science as a Career
  • CSI - Crime Scene Investigation
Speech Titles

  • “ Managing the Crime Scene for Law Enforcement and Homeland Security”
  • “ The Criminalist’s Role in Homicide and Sexual Assault Investigations ”
  • “ ASCLD-LAB Accreditation Review”
  • “ The Forensic Crime Laboratory – The Real C.S.I. ”
  • “ Forensic Science as a Career ”
  • “ The State of Crime Laboratories in America Today ”
  • “ Sexual Assault and Date Rape Drugs ”
  • “ Forensic Science for the Scientifically Challenged ”
  • CSI - Crime Scene Investigation
About This Speaker:

Professor Larry Turner is Program Director for Forensic Science with Scottsdale Community College --

Larry Turner's Clients Comment:

Quote associated with Larry Turner as a Speaker

“ Connecting Forensic Science to the World One Person at a Time ”

“ As Director of my Crime Laboratory, I was very interested in obtaining information about the ASCLD-LAB accreditation process. When Mr. Turner came and presented his information to my laboratory staff, he was very organized and the information he presented was very thorough and very easy to understand. After his seminar, my laboratory staff feels confident that we can better prepare for what is expected of our laboratory when we seek Crime Laboratory Accreditation. The seminar is a must for any crime laboratory seeking accreditation! Exceptional speaker!”

Jackie Gardner, Director
City of Jackson Crime Laboratory

“ I have listened to a lot of Expert Witnesses in my courtroom and Mr. Turner is one of the most knowledgeable witnesses in his areas of expertise in Forensic Science. As a Judge in the judicial system, it is imperative that I understand the importance of the forensic evidence from the Crime Laboratory when I am presiding over the cases in my courtroom. Mr. Turner is very energetic in his presentations and he makes sure that each juror gets a vivid picture of his forensic analyses and how his results apply to the case he is testifying on. He is a very articulate speaker. ”

Judge Tomie Green
Hinds County Circuit Court

“ Out of all of the Police Officers Special Training ( P.O.S.T.) training courses that I have attended, the class that Mr. Turner presented on Forensic Science investigations was hands down the best course that I have attended. His explanation of the DNA section and its application to my investigative work was especially helpful. Most of the scientific and technical procedures that occur in the crime lab sometimes seems to be a foreign language to investigators. Mr. Turner made our entire class become very comfortable with the subject matter through his entertaining presentation. Since attending his presentation, I am more confident with my investigations and I use the forensic information daily. Best instructor that I have ever had on Forensic Science and Criminalistics ”

Detective Scott Sweezey
Los Altos Police Department

“ I had the pleasure of listening to Mr. Turner as a keynote speaker at a conference luncheon being held for Forensic Scientists. I must admit, I expected it to be just another “ filler” for the conference program. From the moment that Mr. Turner started speaking about the “ State of Crime Laboratories in America Today ” , I was overwhelmed.

The speech was very emotional and it made each participant in the conference re-evaluate their important role as Crime Laboratory analysts in the investigative part of the judicial system. Mr. Turner was very entertaining and he left me with a very profound sense of obligation to my profession. His presentation would be excellent for any Forensic Science convention for information or motivational inspiration.”

Kenneth Blue
Supervisor of Fingerprint Training
Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Crime Laboratory

“ Mr. Turner takes a complicated and scientific subject matter and presents it at a level that the entire group can understand and benefit from. Even though I have heard his presentation numerous times, it is still very interesting and I find new areas of understanding each time that I hear it. Outstanding speaker and trainer! ”.

Ken Fowler
P.O.S.T. Institute of Criminal Investigations Class Administrator
Fair Oaks, California

“ As an instructor, Mr. Turner is very good at getting the most out of each student that he is teaching. Because of the youthful and energetic demeanor that he has with his students, he is able to relate to them on a level that will keep them motivated about Forensic Science and interested in learning as much as possible about the subject matter to achieve their educational goals. He is very approachable and he has a very unique way of answering the most difficult questions in a very understandable manner. He is a superb teacher.”

Jackye McClure
Director of Administration of Justice Bureau
San Jose State University

Larry Turner Introduction:

Larry Turner has been promoted as one of the most dynamic presenters of Forensic Science information in America. His cases have been featured on televisionsshows such as “America Most Wanted”, The FBI Files”, and most recently on “ The New Detectives”.

Larry Turner's Biography:

Certified ASCLD-LAB Accreditation Inspector
Certified Forensic Alcohol Supervisor
Degree in Forensic Chemistry/Forensic Science

Publication: Technical Working Group Member for the U.S. Department of Justice national publication on “ Crime Scene Investigation: A Guide for Law Enforcement”.


Forensic Crime Laboratory Director, Supervisor, and Analyst over the last twenty-five (25) years.

Forensic Expert in the Areas of:

- Forensic Biology (DNA)
- Forensic Drug Analysis
- Forensic Alcohol Analysis
- Crime Scene Collection and Preservation
- Crime Scene Reconstruction
- Courtroom Testimony and Etiquette


- Law Enforcement Associations
- Colleges and Universities
- Attorney Associations
- Nursing Associations
- Law Schools
- Judges and other Courtroom Personnel
- High School Students
- Pathologist and Coroners

Professor Larry Turner has been a Criminalist, Supervising Criminalist, and a Crime Laboratory Director over the last 25 years in Forensic Crime Laboratories in San Jose, CA, San Diego, CA, and Jackson, MS. He has Forensic Science expertise in five areas of the Forensic Crime Laboratory and he also instructs individuals on how to testify as an expert witness in the judicial courts of law.

Professor Turner earned a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of MS in Forensic Science. Over the last 12 years, Professor Turner has instructed Forensic Science courses at San Jose State University, National University in San Diego, CA, and with the Institute of Criminal Investigations in San Jose, CA and Sacramento, CA. Professor Turner is an American Society of Crime Lab Directors – LAB Inspector responsible for inspecting Forensic Crime Laboratories throughout the United States to help them become accredited or to help them become re-accredited.


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