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Perry A

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Location of Speaker: Austin, Texas
Fees: $3,000 - $10,000

  • After Dinner
  • Entertainer
  • Keynote
  • Master of Ceremony
  • Seminar Leader
  • Understanding Personalities & Relationships
  • Transcending Change
  • Self-Esteem
  • The #1 Aspect of Career Success
  • How to Sweeten Your Work Place
Speech Titles

  • a. Sweet Revelations… What Your Sweet Tooth Says About You
  • b. People Are Just Desserts…Experience the Sweet Rewards
  • e. Capturing the Elusive Self-Esteem
  • Live From Seymour, Tx ... Adapting to Change
  • Common Sense Cajun Style
About This Speaker:

Clients Say about Perry A - Motivation -

“She captivated the room of almost 1,500 people. She gave them all the gift of laughter while touching their hearts with personal life stories. Perry A~ instantly changed the way I view myself and other people.”
Nancy Bock, FHA/HEROES Natl. Convention

“She opened my mind and heart to a powerful and startling, new interpersonal technique. Her inspirational message, laced with splashes of Cajun humor and dessert analogies, opened me to accepting and loving myself as never before!”

Andre Poland, Arthritis Society of Canada

“Perry A~ knows how to deliver an inspirational message and tickle your funnybone while doing it. She was great! She opened my heart and mind to the possibility that world peace is more than a concept – it’s really possible!”

Sally Weidmann, Texas Education Agency

“Perry A~ instantly shifted my perspective on the genuine possibility of achieving peace in today’s world. I now put on my Dessert Colored Glasses anytime I feel the need for a new outlook on an old problem in life.”

Barbara Jenkins, American Business Women’s Association

“As the meeting planner for our annual conference I was overwhelmed by the comments from our attendees about this lady of charm and grace. She instantly connected with each and every guest while sugar coating them with their very own dessert analogy. Her performance took our event to a new level and made it a special memory for all.”

Dael Spillman, Texas Commission on Human Rights

“Every year our three-day National Conference leaves our attendees with one or two special moments. This year the highlight of our event was Perry A~, our Grand Mixer and hostest. Her unique ability to make each of our attendees feel good about themselves and open them to all of the gifts our event held for them was nothing short of phenomenal.” Penny Rayfield, New Directions In Corrections

Great Attendees Comments on Perry A's Presentations:

What a touching performance. I’ve attended this conference for the past 18 years and never have I been so very moved and inspired. Your Just Desserts Technology has opened me to many new possibilities in life. May God bless you. From a warm peach cobbler, hopefully sweet, simple and honest…
(Karen C. 3-16-02)

You touched my soul and opened my mind at our conference on Friday. Your talk brought tears of joy to my eyes. Then the real fun began. Your right-on dessert analogies enthralled me. You, my dear, are the “Prophet of Parfaits!”
(Sarah 5-11-02)

I’ve never had so much fun at a conference! Your story was right on target and it was great hearing that someone in the same boat as me has OVERCOME! Now I know there is a chance for me to be anything I want to be too. P.S. They better invite you back again next year.
(Linda B. 5-26-02)

OK, where can I get your books? You ran out at the meeting and my Barnes and Nobles store is sold out. I need one for my upcoming family reunion - I really want to see everyone as Sweet Rewards…
(June W. 6-14-02)

The Media Comments on Perry A ------

Perry A~ was one of the best guests I have had in 24 years of hosting talk radio. The phone lines went wild when Perry A~ began analyzing Dessert Personalities of callers. She connects with every listener through her delicious spontaneity.

Stephen Wizenburg, WHO Radio

Perry A~ didn’t know me from Adam when we met at a National Convention in Washington, DC. She asked her question and nailed me to a “T”! I knew I had to have this lady on my show. Now, every time she is on, the phone lines stay packed and keep ringing long after the show is over.

David Essel, Westwood One Entertainment Network

Perry A~ is a fantastic talk show guest and can fill ten minutes to three hours. The phone lines never stop ringing. Her mixture of philosophy and insight into our unique behaviors is truly a Sweet Reward.

Wendy Garrett, KCMO Radio

Perry A is a solid Speaking Professional with a background that includes:

Speaking Professionally since 1990
Member of National Speakers Association since 1992
Named one of ten Consummate Speakers of the Year in 1996 by Sharing Ideas Magazine
2002 Member of the Year NSA Heart of Texas Chapter

Author of 7 books:

People Are Just Desserts

Icebreaking 101

Thank You for Listening But I Wasn’t Quite Through

May We Discover the Deeper Purpose of Our

A Touch of Daisies

Seven Secret Questions to Life Itself

Full of Love Coupon Book

Works in Progress:

Obstatunities – Transcending Challenges of Change

Everything I Think I Know About Life, Love Mom

Perry A's work was Published first for Women Magazine, Touched by Angels of Mercy (Book), Chicken Soup for the Prisoner’s Soul, Sharing Ideas Magazine, Good News Periodical and Women’s Networking Magazine of Austin. Interviewed by the Austin American Statesman, Texas Tech Exes Magazine, and The Stuart News, Stuart Florida.


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