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Jacque Pederson

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Location of Speaker: Austin, TX - Multiple Day Classes
Fees: $6,000 - $9,000

  • Trainer
  • Workshop Leader
  • Consultant - Process
  • Spanish or English Language
  • Seminar Leader
  • Spanish for Business
  • Spanish
  • English for Spanish Workers
  • Across Industries Spanish
Speech Titles

  • Speed Spanish
  • Speed Spanish For Emergency Services
  • Speed Spanish For Construction
  • Speed Spanish For for Teachers and Counselors
  • Speed Spanish For Landscape Architects
  • Speed Spanish for Business
About This Speaker:

Jacque Pederson's Clients Comments on her Full Training:

"Very good, fun, excellent teacher!"

"Excellent! Very enjoyable and brilliant-easy to learn."

"Please have her present Part 2-we want more!"

"It was very fun! Great information!"

"Jacque is fabulous! Fun! Wonderful! And Yay, Iím learning Spanish!"

Jacque Pederson's Clients Include:

UT informal classes

Teachers at Texas School for the Blind

AISD Teachers and Counselors

Round Rock Teachers and Principals

Texas Youth Commission Probation Officers

Public Strategies

Texas School for the Blind Administration

Greater Texas Landcape Company

Housing and Food Services of The University of Texas - UT Administration

Texas Youth Commissions Administration

Clark Wilson Homes Builders

Austin Live in person & 2 other cities through Video Conference

Greater Texas Landscape

Homebuilders of Greater Austin Homebuilders

Association of Marble Falls

The University of Texas Food and Housing Managers

The University of Texas Performing Arts Department

The University of Texas Compliance Department
Austin Firefighters

Austin Apartment Managers

St. Matthews parishioners


Jacque Pederson's Products/Supplements for Speed Spanish Classes:

Collection of Works: CD ROM For General Speed Spanish Class

Audio CD for Construction

In progress: CD ROM For Emergency Services

Jacque Pederson's Brief Biography:

BA in Spanish and Art

Public school teacher for 15 years

Consultant/Teacher to Adult Community/Businesses - 14 years

Author/Producer of CD ROMs for Speed Spanish, Audio CD for Construction, In progress: CD ROM For Emergency Services


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